Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tear Bear Explosion Box Album (FULL TUTORIAL and Video)

I made this Album for my daughter and can't wait to add pictures, notes and little mementos.

This holds 11 pictures and has 4 pockets. It makes the perfect keepsake.

 I created this using the following files in Cricut Design Space. They were cut with my Cricut Explore. (feel free to have them, type the URL in your browser. :)

Inner Layers (Pages for the Explosion Box)

Basic Square Box Lid (May Be 99c if you don't have a subscription or the cartridge.)

Photo Mats used in the box (2x2 and 2x3, you may not use them all.)

One of many SUPER adorable files from Kadoodle Bug Designs!
(Enabler ALERT: You need them all!)

I cut everything with my Cricut Explore and gathered up all of my supplies. I added a toilet paper roll that I would cut down and glue my tear bear to, so that it would stand up.

I used super cute papers from Doodle Bug Designs and the Halloween Recollections Cardstock pad.

I didn't plan on using all this, but I wanted plenty of fun decorative choices for my mini Scrapbook Album Embellishments. These items made me more excited about working on this project.
These items were used to make my Tear Bear. (AKA: My Go to Leinzlove Tear Bear supplies).

I chalked each of the box layers around the edges, I placed double sided tape under the two middle layers to create pockets. I then taped the smaller middle layer too the bigger middle layer.

I chalked each of my photo mats and used a photo mat to wrap the bottom of the toilet paper roll. I glued it onto the roll and cut it down to where the paper begin. (Approx. 2 inches)

I then glued all of my layers together, just in the center. I also added my photo mats leaving room for my embellishments.

After I finished my box base. I made my tear bear. I traced each piece of my tear bear into mulberry paper. I used my water brush to outline each of the pieces and tore them out.

After my pieces were dry. I flipped them upside down and took a wire brush around the edges of each piece.

I hand chalked each piece around the edges using Colorbox flower petal in Chestnut Roan.

Supplies I used for my Tear Bear Katoodle Bear Eyes.

My Bear was small about 2 1/2 inches tall... So, I decided to make the eyes before putting them onto my tear bear face.

I then assembled my bear and added a pacifier and a baby blanket to make him fit my Halloween Baby theme. I took a soft brush and brushed this bear.

I hand chalked and assembled all of my pieces. (I previously cut these with my Cricut Explore.)

I then attatched my bear to my decorated toilet paper roll piece, added my title and all of my embellishments. These stickers are from K& Company, I also added sequins.

The outside of the box features more embellishments and a cute black ribbon.

 The finished project:
Tear Bear Explosion Box Mini Album
Fits 11 pictures, 4 pockets.

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